20,000 Feet Under Home to Rent is the 37th episode from Season 1 that aired on August 6, 2000.


When Gorgious tries to flood the bathroom, wasting water when he fall asleep in the bathtub, Candy opens to door and then caused the entire Aliens' house to be soaked wet.

It brings Etno's brilliant idea to flood the whole house into an aquatic-like atmosphere to keep human tenants away forever. Suddenly, two hydrologists, Professor Coustel and his assiant Bernard with a fat creature, Robert move aboard the submarine to observe some of the rare aquatic species (including Lobster Etno, Piranha Gorgious, Electric Eel Bud, Seahorse Candy, and Two-Headed Octopus Stereo (as it was transformed by the SMTV).



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