This is a transcript for the eighteenth episode of the first season of Space Goofs.


(The Aliens' House are in the blue sky with sunshine after it rained all night. Bud, now covered in mud and five attracting flies, crawls into the stairs and porch like a depressed slug, tries to open the door with his hand but failed unto Etno opens the door looking at him.)

Etno: Bud? Bud, How many times do you want to told not to hang around outside. Ah, my paper. (yawning and reading his newspaper) I wonder what's happening on the Earth today. Now, quit fooling around Bud and get in the house. (walking into the foyer upstairs into his lab) Always playing about oblivious to the world when you're no fool well that our lives are at stake. Hmm.

(Bud sighs with the flies and the episode fades black with a circle.)