This is a transcript for the twentieth episode of the first season of Space Goofs.


(The exterior of the Aliens' house with a sound of a barking dog in the neighborhood, off background, three times and background music.)

(In the second floor, Candy (with his towel, and a box with Gorgious' subscription for the Meat of the Month), comes knocking on the bathroom door exactly 14 times, happily, calling on him.)

Candy: Gorgious, hurry up in there! Your Meat of the Month subscription just arrived.

Gorgious: (opening the door, asking) Really?! (with his frowny look) Oh, boy. (Candy is giving and showing the box to him with Gorgious' happy and surprised look) Hmmm, I wonder what it is this month. (dashing into the kitchen at the table)

Candy: (sighing) Oh, finally. The bathroom all to myself. (walking in the bathroom and getting in the tub, filled with water and bubbles.) Oh, thank goodness I don't have to go to Etno's new unveiling. (laying in it with his head) What a snooze that'll be.