Candy Caramella is the green-skinned alien and the neat-freak plus house-alien of the Aliens' and he was voiced by Charlie Adler.


His personality is often irrational, very effeminate, moody and overly dramatic, plus maniacally depressed until something else breaks and eats anything in the Aliens' house. Unlike Etno, Bud and the other aliens, he is also the last one to panic in a situation.

He is consider the neurotic one of the group. In Stupid Invaders, his effeminate personality is made more noticeable. Right to the point of him wanting a sex-change operation. Very rarely he can be quite oblivious.


Candy Caramella is the most sensitive alien of the Aliens' household. Obsessed with cleaning and decorating, Candy is a neat-freak, tomgirl, leader and a house-alien that he was sure to keep the house clean in a perfect condition, but not allow it to become a filthy, health hazard-like mess. Apparently as a baby from his home planet, Zurkon, his mania came from Candy's mother, who would've been critized from his diaper being dirty and stinky. He always gets in a feminine side to get some various male and female disguises by Etno's invention, the SMTV. Although possessing the largest cranium size within the group, he does not possess the largest brain.


If you want to see images of Candy, click on to this gallery.


  • From the episode, Madame Zelza, his age was revealed to be 310 light-years old.
  • In the intro in season one, he is driving the spaceship, whereas in season two, this has switched to Gorgious.
  • His name could possibly be a reference to Caramel Candy.

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