Gorgious Klatoo (pronounced Gorgeous, which doesn't describe his looks) is the cyan skinned alien plus the food maniac of the aliens. He was voiced by Michael Sicoly in Season 1 and Danny Mann in both seasons.


His personality is always hungry, gluttonous and lives for some Earth food to eat. He is impulsive, cynical, independent, ill-tempered, grumpy, crabby, and he hates humans (tenants) with a passion. Plus, he hates humans (tenants) and he is always a natural moaner, groaner, complainer and a grump, but he never stops moaning and groaning like a crabby, grumpy old man. Undoubtedly, because of his nasty behavior, the aliens appreciate him for his friendly, funny and good-hearted nature.

Gorgious can quite the bully, often picking on smaller animals. Strangely, he doesn't bully other people or his friends.


Gorgious is the large blue alien that is all guts and glory, but always hungry, he is a fine example of gluten who allows himself to be completely taken over by life's fun and sometimes, naughty little pleasures such as high amounts of sugar, including sandwiches and other kinds of extremely fattening, junk foods. Exactly, he knows how to indulge in all that is tasty, yummy and delicious. But as with any true fan of Earthling food, Gorgious can cook equally well for himself. Also, he has twelve stomachs, according to Stereo.

His love for Earth food (almost any food), has before clouded quite a bit of his only normal decision making and caused him to betray his friends for money and anything the way he does. Not only he was addicted to food and sweets, but Gorgious allows himself to be swayed by money.

Although, he could treat the Aliens (including pestering Candy while he's taking a shower) quite badly in some cases, plus he always learns a lesson for his greed and makes apologies to them. He is quite hostile about humans (tenants) believing that he should outrun them from Earth and straight into "The Abyss."


If you want to see images of Gorgious, click on to this gallery.

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