This is a transcript for the twenty-second episode of the first season of Space Goofs.


(At the Aliens' House, a green bus stops and drops off the Old Lady, walking slowly into the sidewalk to get inside. But later, the gang was sleeping (Etno, Stereo (snoring and whistling), Bud and Candy in bed and Gorgious in his bathtub, twinking his toes, dreaming of a tasty chicken being chased (clucking) by him with a big knife and fork, and also his mouth was drooling and his eyes were woken up until suddenly, they hear an organ playing in an A-minor at the Alien's living room from downstairs.)

Gorgious: Huh? (with Etno, Stereo, Bud and Candy being woken up with their eyes open)

Etno: (seeing the clock with his eyes, (recycled from Toon In, Drop Out)) Five a.m.? What is making that terrible "din"?

(The setting appears as the old lady plays the organ in the living room with her pit poodle, Lockjaw, howling the tune and the old lady singing together, yodeling and also, the camera pans left and the dog appears on the Aliens' TV at the loft, with the gang, covering their ears in shock and shaking.)

Gorgious: Is that thing human?!

Etno: I'm trying to identify the creatures presently. (off-background with the old lady playing the organ) That creature appears to be an ancient female human. Note the gray hair, the yellowy complexion, (the detail of her nose with her nosehairs and earhairs) the thick masses of nose and ear hair. (with Gorgious) But the dead giveaway, (pointing to the T.V.) is the dry-wrinkly skin. (off-background, with the old's lady arm's epidermis waving) See the wavy epidermis hangs loosely off the human's fragile skeleton?

Candy: Yes, Etno. We get the point!

Gorgious: (off-background with Lockjaw, howling) What about that "puppy thing"?

Etno: (off-background, Lockjaw now stops howling and panting.) Have it a clue.