Madame Zelza is the 8th (60th) episode from Season 2 that aired on December 6, 2002.


A psychic named Madame Zelza comes to the Aliens' house for rent along with her crystal ball, tarot cards and horoscope chart, plus the whole panoply accompanies it. However, after Gorgious accidentally breaks her crystal ball, destroying the overrated future, pointing at the object, Madame Zelza announces the curse called, "The Dreaded Curse of the Two Thousand Dirty Gym Socks" that would've made their life difficult until they have to pay 5000 € (euros). During the curse, Candy's vacuum wouldn't start, Gorgious was sick from eating chocolate-stuffed oysters and Bud's favorite show, Babe-Watch Beach in 3D was cancelled, until Etno specifically researches, reacts and demonstrates the irrationality of Zelza's such practices.

Furious at Zelza, losing her customers to Etno disguised as Madame Zetno, she roars at them and Gorgious tells her not to cut, plus she walks into the Aliens' garage, putting a bowl on Etno's head. At the end, they've been proven to her that they're not Hawaiians, transforming back to their normal selfs to scare, chase and blast Zelza away into her spaceship to Zigma-B, which Etno has created and Candy has enabled and pushed the lever.




  • If you want to see the transcript of this episode, click on to this link.


  • This is the first episode to have more cameos of several characters from Season 1, since, Welcome!, plus Roger before Abracadabra.
  • Oggy makes another cameo appearance (which is a picture of his face attached to a page of Etno's book) since Venus Junior and The Alien Show.
  • The gag, including Zelza putting a fish bowl in Etno's head was later used in Abracadabra.
  • When converted to USD, the amount that Madame Zelza forces the aliens to pay is $5,872,25 or €5,872,25.