Once Upon a Time is the 1st and 2nd episodes plus the first, 20-minute episode from Season 1 that aired on October 2, 1997 (Part 1) and October 9, 1997 (Part 2).


Part 1Edit

Five aliens go on vacation together in space (or, as Gorgious calls it a picnic), but their spaceship breaks down and they are left stranded on Earth. Not knowing a way to fix the spaceship, Etno encourages the other aliens to take shelter in an old abandoned house while he fixes the spaceship, lampshading the plot.

Part 2Edit

A few people disguised as pizza delivery boys realize the aliens are hiding in the house and attempt to evacuate them.


This plot is coming up soon.



  • If you like to see the transcript of this episode, click on to this link.


  • The show, Beach Blanket Bongos which Bud is watching was parodied from the 1965 AIP beach party film, Beach Blanket Bingo.
  • The German comic book adaptation of this episode was used in Ein Heim Für Aliens: Vol. 1, that would have been translated from English soon.
  • This is the first of the only two half-hour episodes since Toon In, Drop Out.
  • This is one out of three episodes on the Alien Antics VHS, along with Venus Junior and One Minor Technicality.
    • This is also its only half-hour episode.
  • This is the first episode to have an animated title card, since The Flyling and Party Time in Hell.
  • During the end of Oggy and the Coachroach season 3 episode Night Watchmen, The four aliens (excepted Stereo) made a cameo appearence as ones of the transformations washing machine before they turn back to normal just like the same episode from the show.