This is a transcript for the forty-fourth episode of the first season of Space Goofs.


(The four aliens (Etno, Stereo, Bud and Gorgious) are in the Loft, watching TV, but it busted off. Suddenly, Candy is using a vacuum cleaner and he was forced by Bud and Gorgious to shut it off.)

Bud: Candy! Would you shut that thing off? Do you have to do that right in the middle of Science Fictional Theater?!

Gorgious: (with his grumpy, but angry look) Yeah! It's really big it enough to make me mad! You always have to play with that dust picker-upper while we're watching TV!

Candy: It's called a vacuum cleaner you fat littered-in oaf!

Gorgious: You know would put your vacuum cleaner!

Etno: Ahem, ahem. Gentlemen! (Now, he breaks Candy's vacuum cleaner into pieces and Candy gasps.)

Gorgious: Boy, I wish I thought of that.

Candy: (with his vacuum broken by Etno, shocked) Look at what you've done! You have just destroyed the most wonderful piece of machinery, known to mankind. (with tears in his eyes)

Etno: It is my great pleasure to introduce to you my latest invention. (Showing the aliens his time-machine as a grandfather clock-like invention with wheels.)

Candy: (sadly) Etno, why do you have to do that? (now, with tears in his eyes again, bowing his head) I thought you were different from the others!

Etno: Not now, Candy. And now, (his left eye popping on Candy) keep your eyes peeled as I demonstrate how this baby works. (He's switching the clock hands into 10 minutes along with the gang, with lightning-like sounds and Candy's vacuum cleaner now works. Also, with his annoyed look and Candy's eyes looking down)

Etno: (off-background with Gorgious, Stereo and Bud, not interested) Please, hold your applause. You've all witnessed right here before your very eyes, the world's first "time machine".

Gorgious: (with his serious look on his face) And you expect us to applaud this "piece of junk"?

Bud: (with his serious look on his face) Yeah! What's the big deal?

Etno: (squinty-eyed) Hmph. Maybe I can get another idea I deserve from the science community.