Space Goofs: The Movie (Les Zinzins De l'Espace: le film)


Madcap Comedy

Directed by:

Olivier Jean-Marie

Screenplay by:

Mark Gibson
Richard Pursel
Deanna Oliver
Sherri Stoner


Charlie Adler
Louis Garneau
Danny Mann
Maurice LaMarche
Ariel Winter
Liliana Mumy
Scott Whyte
Jill Talley
Robert Cait
Cathy Moriarty
Martin Short
Ty Burrell
Stephen Tobolowsky

Music by:

Hervé Lavandier
Ramon Pipin

Production Company

Paramount Animation

Distributed by

Paramount Pictures

Premiere Date

September 2018 (France/United States)

Based on

Space Goofs

Space Goofs: The Movie is an French-American sci-fi buddy comedy-drama animated film based on the tv series with the same name.


Etno Polino (Maurice LaMarche) loses his father (Ty Burrell) in a tragic accident after a storm when he was a child. After his mother died when he was a teenager, Etno's sculpture came to life after his father's flower melted. The alien was named Candy (Charlie Adler). Etno took Candy in as his adoptive sister and later, their friend Gorgious (Danny Mann) moves in. Fifteen years later, Candy grew up but became an outcast and is ridculed by the other aliens, except for Etno and Gorgious. But when walking to a market place, Candy caused a huge accident which angers the race and she and her friends are kicked out.

The aliens searched for a new home but Gorgious accidentally took a left turn in a black hole and the aliens crashed landed on Earth in a teenage girl named Lou's (Ariel Winter) room. They ended up frightening Lou's older sister Phoebe (Liliana Mumy) and ran out of the room through the window. They hide an lab headquarters known as Saccharin inc., but is a heartless company where everyone is mistreated. Their leader Dr. Saccharin (Stephen Tobolowsky) and his assistant Igor (Dee Bradley Baker) treats them poorly and threatens to get rid of them permanently if they don't obey him. When Candy went into his facility with copies of other extraterrestrials. Candy slipped on a puddle and her nose landed in tube with a poorly made alien inside it. After she got her nose out and got out of the facility with her friends, the tube cracks open and the creature was set free. Enraged after seeing the aliens, Saccharin vowed to capture them.

After a lot of searching, Candy, Etno, and Gorgious quickly seek shelter in an abandoned house. There, Etno invented an machine known the SMTV. The aliens disguised themselves as humans to blend in (Etno as French men with a mustache, Candy as a young woman with blond hair, and Gorgious as a young man with brown hair). Lou befriends the aliens and decided to keep it a secret. When Candy went out for a walk, she was caught by Saccharin's bounty hunter Bolok (Diedrich Bader) and he threatens to shoot her with his ray gun. But then suddenly, she was saved by the clone and was brought back to the house. Etno was horrified after seeing the creature and does not trust him along with Gorgious. The creature was named Bud (Louis Garneau). Etno decided to brainwash him in order to scare away tenants by putting on monster movies, but Gorgious, while watching tv, changes the channel to A Walk to Remember and it gave Bud the ability to speak and developed a kind heart. That night, Bud realizes that he was actually the son of a deceased musician dancer who gave him a music box when he was a baby before he was killed by Saccharin. Bud then rebuilds Phoebe's music box (which is a rose with a ballerina inside), that Candy accidentally broke, and gave it back to her. The next day, Candy and Bud didn't get along at first but they formed an unbreakable friendship with each other after Bud saves Candy from falling out of the window.

Meanwhile, Saccharin got fascinated by the aliens' DNA and decided to harm innocent people by making them into mutation candies. Phoebe and Lou's father Jim (Scott Whyte) ate the candy and was turned into an two headed alien whom Bud dubbed Stereo (Patton Oswalt). His wife Gaby (Jill Talley) was horrified by his look and refused to let him into the house. The only who recognized him is his toddler daughter Jenny (Grey Griffin). Bud decided to take Jim in after feeling bad for him and bonds with Gorgious. Phoebe sadly discovers her father's work is in danger due to Saccharin putting taxes on the family. Bud convices Candy to not only save the family, but to just be herself and let go of the past. Later that night, Bud overhears that Saccharin is going to kill Jim and destroy the town by tricking his father Reginald Hyden (Robert Cait) into hunting him down and tries to gain access into one of Etno's inventions. Desperate to save his friends, Bud decided to convice the town people the truth about Saccharin by recording a message of Saccharin confessing by trapping him in his trailer.

Meanwhile, the Tweedies' neighbor Armindo Releigh (Martin Short) notices Gorgious eating strangely and realizes that he is an alien, so his wife Amelia (Cathy Moriarty) called Hyden to capture him. But Phoebe realizes the aliens are innocent creatures and luckily set them free. Etno falls in love with her and the two went out on a stroll. Phoebe talks about her past. Her grandmother and Jim's mother Francine (Kate McKinnon) died in a car accident before she was born and Hyden grew overprotective to the family, fearing that he will lose them just like he lost his wife. Etno realizes that Candy is all grown up and accepts her journeying the world alone. But when he returned home, Bolok captured him and freezes Phoebe in a block of ice. Luckily, Jim thaws her out and the two reunite. Gaby realizes that the alien is her husband and tearfully embraces him. The next day, Candy and Gorgious desperately tries to search for Etno and Bud but the two ended up being separated after a river chase. Sadden that she is all alone, Candy journeys alone to save Etno. Bud and Gorgious found her along with the Tweedy family after regaining their trust And encourages Candy to save Etno.

When they got to the laboratory, it was revealed that Saccharin capture the citizens after they saw the footage of his confession and are trapped. Bud got them out and frees Etno. Etno and Candy reconciled and tries to stop Saccharin. Bolok was frozen into a block of ice thanks to Lou and her friend Shelby while Candy tries to stop Saccharin from killing Bud but she melted. After her death, Etno and the citizens mourns her but Bud resculps her and was revived by their love as she reunites with the others while Phoebe kissed Etno on the cheek.

Saccharin was arrested along with Igor and Bolok by the police while the Tweedies's house is saved. Jim was reverted back into an human and reunites with his wife and daughters. This movie ended with Candy watching the sunset with Bud.

Voice CastEdit