Space Goofs (Les Zinzins De l'Espace)
Space Goofs - TV Logo


Madcap Comedy

Created by:

Jean Yves-Raimbund
Phillipe Traversat

Directed by:

Thomas Szabó (Season 1)
Olivier Jean-Marie (Season 2)


Charlie Adler
Louis Garneau (2007-2021)
Danny Mann
Maurice LaMarche
Michael Sicoly
Jeff Bennett (Bud and Stereo only in 2004-2006)
Billy West
Kath Soucie

Opening Theme:

Monster Men by Iggy Pop


Herve Landelier
Ramon Pipin

Country of origin:


Original languages:


No. Of seasons


No. Of episodes


Space Goofs (France/Quebec title: Les Zinzins de l'espace, UK title: Home to Rent, international title: Stupid Invaders) is a French/American animated series produced by Gaumont Multimedia, and Xilam for France 3 that first aired in 1997. 

Theme song​Edit

The main theme song for this show is "Monster Men" by Iggy Pop.


Five extra-terrestrials from the planet Zigma B, Candy, Etno, Gorgious, Stereo and Bud go on a picnic together in space. However, their spaceship goes to Mecha Cockroach's Time Machine Vortex But Mecha Cockroach

Accidentally Brokes the Time Machine And Look Their Characters Coming Out to the Vortex

Meanwhile Space Goofs Upgrade The House to New Goofs' Teaching Alien House

The aliens have two goals: Return to their home planet, Zigma-B, and chase anybody away who tries to establish themselves in the house.

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