Spook to Rent is the 36th episode from Season 1 that aired on August 5, 2000.


A ghost is wrecking everything in the house. Bud tries to persuade the others that he's looking for something but they won't listen.


In a very scary night with dark clouds and a moon, a shadow of Candy approaches from the Aliens' attic to Candy's room. First, after he opens the drawer to see what he needs to wear, his vandalized brown panty hose was covered with holes, screams and breaks into tears, crying. But second, Gorgious now starts panicking and crying when his mahogany back scratcher was broken into two pieces. And then, when Etno walks into the lab to do his latest experiment, he panics in horror that someone's been blowing their nose and pillaging though his ascots that is way beyond contempt.

More of this plot is coming up.



  • If you like to see the transcript of this episode, click on to this link.


  • Candy's transformation into a sailor which he acts like a pirate with his laugh and, pink skin with muscles, was based on the character, Popeye the Sailor from the comic book and cartoon franchise.
  • The famous giant seal, Bobby Dick, which he bit the Flying Dutchman's lost leg was parodied from the fictional giant sperm whale, Moby Dick from the 1851 novel of the same name by Herman Meville.
  • Candy's Snoutra poster from his room had a brief cameo from the episode, Snoutra.
  • The verse which Candy was saying to get rid of the Flying Dutchman, "Yo ho, ho, Be gone, my gum. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.", was based from the sea song, Dead Man's Chest.