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Stupid Invaders

The cover of the game.

Stupid Invaders is a computer game based on the Space Goofs animated series. The player helps the aliens escape from Earth.

Synopsis (Act 1)Edit

The story begins with the Space Goofs in their spaceship, falling from space and crash-landing on Earth. They spot a vacant house and check in, bringing in their damaged spaceship. Etno begins to repair the ship, claiming that it will take a few minutes. Years later, somewhere in the Nevada Desert, in a secret base, an evil scientist named Dr, Saccharin and his assistant Igor were monitoring the aliens for some time. The doctor hires a ruthless bounty hunter named Bolok to bring the aliens to the base alive. Later, Bolok arrives at the house. While the Space Goofs were watching television, Etno arrives into the living room, telling them that the spaceship is repaired. While Bud goes to bring the TV, Bolok enters the room and freezes them with his gun. Bud returns into the room, only to find his friends frozen and Bolok about to freeze Bud. Bud runs into the bathroom and locks himself in. Bolok pounds on the door. Bud uses Gorgious' super strong toilet paper, ties it to a plunger, climbs it and escapes through the window. Bud climbs a ladder to the roof and is about to go down the chimney until he hears a voice inside. It is Santa Claus, who's been stuck in the chimney for eight months. Bud heads back into the bathroom and comes back with a drain-cleaning fluid and pours it into the chimney, which unfortunately dissolves Santa. Bud goes down the chimney, into the cellar and in a green puddle which were the remains of still-alive Santa. Bud grabs a can of sulphuric acid, a funnel and a crowbar. He walks over to a coffin, uses the crowbar to pry it open and finds a zombie (who was probably the previously owner of the house) holding the key to the cellar door. Bud puts the funnel in his mouth, pours in the acid, which dissolves the zombie, and takes the key. He unlocks the cellar door and enters the top half. Bud finds a giant mousetrap and places it at the bottom of the stairway and turns off the light. Bolok enters the basement and gets caught in the trap. Bud goes up the stairs and goes into the hallway. Bud answers the phone where a stalker calls for Candy. Bud goes up the stairs and into the bathroom. He looks in the washing machine and finds the key to Candy's dresser. He takes it, along with his pantyhose. Bud goes to Candy's room, unlocks his dresser and takes his hairdryer (which is pointless for Candy to have since he is bald). Bud goes up yet another flight of stairs, to the attic. Bud enters a room, finds a crank and opens a window, climbs a ladder to another part of the roof, and finds a stork in his nest on a chimney. Bud asks the stork if he can go down the chimney, but the stork rudely refuses. Bud backtracks through the attic, unplugs the extension cord and exits the door. Meanwhile, Bolok escapes the mousetrap. Bud enters the kitchen, looks into a drawer and finds a cigarette lighter. He goes into the garage and finds a skyrocket. Bud heads back into the conservatory, places the rocket under the chimney where the stork is, then lights it. The rocket goes through the chimney and carries the stork with it. The rocket explodes, killing the stork which falls to the ground. Bud climbs down the chimney where the stork was, into the spaceship room. Suspecting that Bolok is hiding in the wardrobe, which he is. Bud makes a lasso out of the pantyhose and ties it around the wardrobe. He throws the other end out the window, climbs back out, and goes outside. Bud ties the end to a lawnmower and starts it running. It pulls out the wardrobe and it crashes to the ground. Bolok lies on the ground. When the lawnmower heads toward him, he freezes it with his gun. Encased in an ice cube, it lands on Bolok. Bud plugs in the hairdryer, turns it on and aims it toward his frozen friends, thawing them out. They thank him. Etno goes to his laboratory to retrieve his book on humans. He asks his computer to open the vault when he keeps his book. The computer finds out that Etno fixed the spaceship and wants to go with him and the others back to their home planet. The computer wants to meet Maurice Mouse (a parody of Mickey Mouse) before it opens the vault. Etno charges up the SMTV (the chair that can disguise the aliens) and turns himself into Maurice. Etno tells the computer a joke, and it opens the vault. Etno retrieves the book, only to find Bolok about to freeze him. Suddenly, the recently thawed-out lawnmower bursts into the lab and flattens Bolok. He raises his gun into the air and fires a beam which hits the reactor core which was about to explode. Etno heads to the spaceship with his friends and they escape form the house, which explodes afterwards, leaving Bolok to just stand there.

Synopsis (Act 2)Edit

As the Space Goofs were about to leave the planet, their spaceship runs out of fuel and lands in a creepy landscape. The spaceship needs cow manure, so Candy and Gorgious volunteer to go into a toothpaste factory to get some. As they approach the place, a big ugly monster rises up from a slimy lake and swallows Candy whole. Gorgious cries, but quickly gets over it. As he ventures forward, a bunch of baby chicks follow him from out of nowhere. Gorgious picks up one of the baby chicks and plans to eat it. It expoldes in his face while the others scatter. Gorgious moves on. Later, he approaches a manhole, but he couldn't remove the lid. Soon, a giant chicken approaches Gorgious. He wanted to eat the Giant Chicken, but remembered what happened earlier. Gorgious takes cover in a bomb shelter, just before the chicken explodes, blowing off the manhole cover. As Gorgious was about to enter the manhole, the monster pops up and spits Candy out. Soon, they both go down the manhole. Each of them go through a tunnel. Candy finds a door on a manure-covered wall. Inside, he finds a bachelor pad, where he meets a man named Nelson, who wants to take pictures of Candy for a website. Meanwhile, Gorgious climbs up a ladder and takes an elevator to a room filled with cows. He takes another elevator to a room where he sees a pot full of soup, but it was too heavy to lift. Gorgious drinks the soup, then carries the pot. He uses it to protect himself from the security system. He reaches a room where he sees a mallet...made of dung. Gorgious picks up the mallet. Then a talking chicken suddenly appears and berates him for stealing it. Gorgious whacks the chicken and leaves with the mallet. He goes up to the top of the factory and hits the welder (who didn't want to give up his helium tank) with the mallet and takes the tank and goes back inside. He goes to another room where a vicious bulldog guards the next room. Gorgious tosses the gas tank to the dog, who gobbles it up and inflates, floating towards the celing. Gorgious goes into the room. He takes some stairs and a skateboard, and climbs up a junk heap and climbs down with a winch. He exits the room. He re-enters the room with the cows. Gorgious spots one with a nose ring and uses the winch to pull it loose. He wheels her to another area and lowers her to a large area. Meanwhile, Candy attempts to escape from Nelson. First, he takes a bottle of lotion, a razor and an inflatable chair. He pours the lotion onto the door's hinges to prevent Nelson from waking up. Then Candy bursts the chair with the razor and flies to an upper area. Later, he meets up with Gorgious with the cow, who was to lay manure, but won't lay it on the floor. Candy goes to a kitchen and gets a bucket and uses a stove to warm up a can of Chili. Candy takes the chili back to the cow who eats it and lays a big mess off chili. Candy and Gorgious ride the forklift with the manure back to the others. With the ship refueled, the group are ready to leave, but Bolok captures them and forces them to go to the Base. Meanwhile, the cook who came out of his come farts, which causes the factory to explode.

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