TV Connection is the 7th episode from Season 1 that aired on November 13, 1997.


While Bud is watching TV, a cartoon raccoon exits the TV and puts Bud in. Bud is apparently having a good time in the TV, and doesn't want to leave. Candy goes with his complaint but Etno decides to get him out anyway.


This plot is coming up soon.



  • If you like to see the transcript of this episode, click on to this link.


  • When Bud is actually trapped on the TV, plus in the horror show with the channel changed by Gorgious, Gracula made a brief cameo appearance before, Count Gracula.
  • The two shows including, The Wheel of Misfortune and Meavis and Mudhead are actually parodied by Bud from The Wheel of Fortune and Beavis and Butthead.

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